About Us

OMED: Educational Services is the unit charged by Georgia Tech with the retention, development, and performance of the complete student learner who is traditionally underrepresented: African American, Hispanic, and Native American.

Our mission is “to successfully transition and transform today‘s gifted, yet inexperienced Georgia Tech student into tomorrow‘s promising leader.”  With an innovative approach to promoting excellence, by stimulating life-long learning, and cultivating high-performing problem solvers, OMED equips students with the strategies to navigate the Georgia Tech environment.

OMED Programs, while targeted to the underrepresented, are beneficial and open to all Georgia Tech students.

In 1979, Georgia Tech created the Office of Minority Educational Development. Over the four decades, OMED has demonstrated outstanding success. Our second decade saw a paradigm shift. Focusing on how gifted our students were—else they would not have been accepted into Georgia Tech—we began to raise expectations for student performance. We directed our attention toward the educational process and became OMED: Educational Services. We have adopted a data-driven, quality approach toward the business of education, with students being identified as “customers.” A diverse workplace can only be achieved and maintained by a commitment to innovative and sound philosophies that strategically produce successful sustained partnerships and academic performance.