Concept Classes

Did you not quite ‘get it’ during lecture? Need a refresher? A different perspective?

OMED Concept Classes are topic-specific lectures dealing with those portions of course material historically found to be the most challenging.

Concept Classes are topic-specific review sessions offered by OMED tutors, graduate students and select faculty members at regular intervals. Informed by periodic discussions with faculty teaching the course, they allow students a valuable “second look” at the material. Concept Classes are currently offered for CS 1371, Math 1551, Math 1552 and Phys 2211.

Different from standard Review Sessions

Although students are encouraged to bring practice tests and other material, the focus is on learning the overall subject matter and not any particular problems, making Concept Classes relevant regardless of professor or section, and oftentimes even ranging across a multitude of courses. For instance, some courses rely on an incumbent knowledge of several MATLAB programming techniques, but what about transfer students or others who, for whatever reason, have not taken CS1371? The ‘MATLAB Basics’ Concept Class is perfect in cases like this and it is, therefore, not uncommon to find that students from several Tech courses-not just CS1371- benefit from it.

Who? Where? How?

The Classes are facilitated by members of the OMED Academic Support staff and/or department faculty and are held in the  OMED building (Chapin Building, next door to D.M. Smith and across the street from the Library) unless otherwise noted. A syllabus and any supplemental documentation will be provided prior to each class. For scheduling or to suggest future classes, please contact Jarrad Reddick at