Meet Alumna and Former Challenge Participant Erica Louise Richards

How are you connected to the OMED?

OMED is my “go to" for students in need of additional support on campus. Every semester I find myself referring students to OMED for resources like work study, tutoring, and to generally get your bearings when it comes to academic life at Tech.

What advice would you give to students on succeeding academically at Georgia Tech? 

College is a team effort. Swallow your pride and find support prior to needing it. Lastly, it really helps when you study something you genuinely enjoy.

What advice would you give to students on acclimating socially to Georgia Tech? 

I love my alma mater, but it is a strange place. Spending time off campus helps to deal with and better understand life on campus.

What impact did OMED have during your matriculation at Tech? 

OMED was the first time I felt empowered as a student to provide critique and have my voice factor into viable solutions. More importantly, I don't know how I would have made my way through Georgia Tech without the guidance and wisdom of Ms. Cynthia Moore.

What was your favorite Georgia Tech experience? 

Hands down, Welcome Weekend 2010 was my favorite Georgia Tech experience! Although the program has since changed, that was my first experience with a room full of diverse, educated, young black people. I had never seen anything like it and they were kind of cool.

What were involved with on campus, and why?

During my five years of undergrad, I was involved in over a dozen student organizations on campus. I served on the executive board of the African American Student Union, Caribbean Student Association, Lambda Delta Rho, Diversity Council, and Campus Lions Club. Many of my involvements were driven by community building and servant leadership with the exception of things like Solar Jackets. That was just too exciting to pass up.

What is one thing you wish you would have accomplished during your time at Tech?

It would have been nice to receive a Tower Award, but there wasn't an award for going from academic probation to Dean's List.