Meet Alumnus and Former Challenge Participant Bruce Lee

How are you connected to OMED?

I was a member of the Challenge program during summer 2009.

What advice would you give to students on succeeding academically at Georgia Tech? 

Discipline and balance are key.

Discipline in the sense of actually going to class and to both your professor’s and TA’s office hours consistently (even when you don’t feel like it). Build a true relationship with the individuals who play a major part in your success in various courses, so you become more than just a random Georgia Tech student ID #.

Balance in the sense of being able to maintain both academics and a social life. Georgia Tech is a stressful environment — hands down. You have to find ways to escape that stress periodically and actually take time to enjoy your undergraduate years. Once they are done, they are done.

What advice would you give to students on acclimating socially to Georgia Tech? 

Don’t limit your circle to only people with similar ethnic backgrounds to yours. I completely understand that it may feel more comfortable to surround yourself with only people who look like you. However, Tech is truly an international place. Don’t miss out on the easy opportunity to connect with others from around the globe. Talk to people in class, at the gym, in the library, on the bus, wherever. You never know what lifelong friendships/partnerships may come out of it.

What impact did OMED have during your matriculation at Tech? 

I couldn’t have imagined getting through Tech successfully without the help of OMED. As one of the few minorities on campus, there will be times where you simply want to surround yourself with people who are experiencing the same challenges that you are facing on Tech’s campus. OMED is truly a safe haven on campus that allows you to be fed both academically and socially, and even sometimes spiritually.

What was your favorite Georgia Tech experience? 

Socially: The random house parties thrown, some got a little wild to say the least.

Academically: The day that I walked across the stage at graduation and said “deuces."

What were involved with on campus, and why?

AASU: To be around other minorities.

NSBE: Same reason in addition to being able to network with engineers from other schools.

IYSE Ambassadors: To become more plugged in with fellow students within my major.

Tech Radio: To express my creativity through music, and it helped me escape the stress of Tech.

What is one thing you wish you would have accomplished during your time at Tech?

I definitely wish I would have both connected with and remained connected with more people from Tech. Finishing with a higher GPA would have been nice (mostly for pride reasons). Creating a larger following while I was involved with Tech Radio; I definitely miss those days of talking to the City of Atlanta.